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Simplify your life and Shop Smart

AisleTracker Technology is all about helping you as a shopper, to track and locate products in any supermarket by providing aisle information to product locations within the stores of your choice.

Can’t find an item or store assistance?
AisleTracker is The Solution!

Remember how lost you felt when you couldn't find the product that you were searching for among the numerous aisles in a Supermarket? AisleTracker enables you as a consumer to shop smart and facilitates more time to shop.


Feel free to inform us to add stores of your choice and help the friends and community to save time and shop smart!

To add a store, Please email: addstore[at]
Please enter the store of your choice with the name and full address. We will inform you by email as soon as the store is added.

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Core Message to the World

The mission of AisleTracker platform is built around a positive message:
1. Simplifying People Lives,
2. Empowering Merchants, and
3. Bringing a unique experience to local businesses growth.

AisleTracker focuses on empowering local communities:
a. Hiring Local
b. Developing Local
c. Investing Local
Thus, making a full economy cycle of sustainability, from a small dot (local) to a big dot (global).

AisleTracker technology is a platform built while keeping in mind the requirement of neighbourhoods. The ads are positively integrated into the fabric of the AisleTracker model to strengthen the local community. These are local ads for local residents. Local residents search for local businesses for work to be done quickly and cost effectively. Local businesses gets an opportunity to grow locally, serving the needs of local residents.

The core belief of AisleTracker is to strengthen the neighbourhoods and community first, keeping the focus on empowering the local businesses, which are the backbone of economies all over the world.

Simple is beautiful and Less is More

1. Enter your postal code (eg. M2K) and select a store.
2. Name your shopping list and start searching items.
3. Add items and create the shopping list.


a. You can even search by brand names or by categories.
b. Use AisleTracker with the data plan or by WIFI.
c. You can access your list in store without the data plan or WIFI.

 Green icon on the list is to add product to your cart.

  Red icon on the list is to delete product from the cart.

  Cart icon brings up the current shopping list.

  Share your lists with friends and family.

  Touch on this icon to mark the item as shopped. You can touch it one more time to uncheck for next time shopping.

  History icon takes you to the recent lists.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

AisleTracker Technology ia an “In-Store Search Engine”, meant to empower you as merchants to enhance customer experience and making it more pleasurable and friendly.

AisleTracker is the assistant facilitating the customer to find their desired items in stores.

AisleTracker is the solution for the customers to buy everything on their list and more (Quality Linger Time).

AisleTracker offers a winning edge by preventing loss in revenue for you as a Store Owner when customers do not find what they came to buy.

AisleTracker brings online experience to

Please call us at 647-430-0870 to get your store listed.

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Geo-Specific AD strategy for you

Explore the unexplored - The AisleTracker Way!

Mobile phones are the first thing we use in the morning for time, weather, news, emails and texts; and the last thing we plug in before we go to sleep.

AisleTracker as an “In-Store Search Engine”, providing you a Prime Ad Platform for 24/7 visibility to millions of households continuously.

Shoppers who are residents of an area, search for nearby Realtors to Restaurants, Dentist to Drycleaners on their mobile phones. AisleTracker therefore, is a Geo-Specific AD network to get your business exposed to local residents and make your business grow locally and nationally.

Your ad stays at the TOP always!

Please call us at 647-430-0870 to get the most Returns from your advertising budget.

statistics of mobile shopping

Press Release

Jan 23, 2013

AisleTracker "In-Store Search Engine", first of its kind in Canada

Toronto, ON - IFI World Inc is pleased to announce the launch of AisleTracker for public release, on Jan 23, 2013.

Remember how lost you felt when you didn’t find the product that you were searching for among the numerous aisles in a Supermarket? With the help of AisleTracker, you can Select a store, Locate Products and Prepare lists from right where you are as an “In-Store Search Engine”.

AisleTracker is a new free mobile application that will enable smartphone users to glide through the aisles of their local supermarket with organization, enjoyment and ease and is available for free at all smartphone platforms, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

As part of the initial launch, AisleTracker covers almost all major stores in Toronto and aims at enhancing the shopper’s experience, empowering the merchants and bringing an altogether a unique geo-specific advertising opportunity to local businesses, thereby strengthening the entire community.

A first-in-class technology supported by Canada’s National Research Council, AisleTracker simplifies users lives, empowers merchants by redefining the shopping experience – all at absolutely NO cost to user or merchant. For more information, please visit

Earn 40 percent Revenue

Become part of AisleTracker team, help yourself and help the community:

  • 1. Adopt a supermarket (any city, any country in the world),

  • 2. Take charge of aisle information and local ads, and

  • 3. 40 percent revenue from the ads will be yours.

Please email us at jointeam[at] for your interest. Straightforward approach to collaborate, share the wealth and grow as a global team.

AisleTracker going public in its own way.

statistics of mobile shopping

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